Katy Woodroffe is an Australian artist who lives and works in Hobart. Her work has been featured extensively in solo exhibitions both within Australia and overseas.

Travel has been an important influence on her arts practice and she has been awarded many international residencies, including Paris (twice), Greece, India and Spain.

International exhibitions 2020

Van Diemensland – opening December 2020 at KEG expo, Schijndel, the Netherlands (with Dutch artists Marielle van den Bergh and Mels Dees).

This exhibition responds to the historical links between Tasmania and the Netherlands. Abel Tasman’s ‘Journal of the Voyage to the Unknown Southland in the Year 1642’ provided valuable background information for the work.

Artist book
Occupation and Loss
Acrylic and ground pigment on paper

32cms x 25cms (150cms fully extended

Encounters in a New Land: Past meets Future
Acrylic and ground pigment on paper

49cms x 47cms

Summer 2020 – at Saffron Walden Gallery, England (with British artists Richard Barrett and Debbie Baxter)

“Bleak times but hopefully a ray of sunshine at The Saffron Walden Gallery with this group exhibition of uplifting artwork”

Swans of Versailles, Waiting for Midnight
Acrylic and Ground Pigment

117cms x 75cms

Short listed exhibitions 2020

Swan Hill Print and Drawing Prize
A Corona Dream
Acrylic and ground pigment on paper

96cms x 85cms

Women’s Art Prize Tasmania
Bird Call Theatre: The Inheritors Act 1 and 2 (diptych)
Acrylic and ground pigment on paper

100cms x 100cms

Major work heading to New York

Forbidden Fruit: Only the Cool Water of the Lily Pond can subdue our desire
Acrylic and ground pigment on paper

150cms x 150cms

Recent exhibitions at Handmark Gallery, Hobart 2020


Landscape exhibition

Celebrating the End of Lockdown: Trophy Night
Acrylic and ground pigment on paper

75cms x 69cms

Celebrating the End of Lockdown: Souvenir Hunting
Acrylic and ground pigment on paper

27cms x 76cms

Still Life exhibition

Life in Lockdown #1-6
Acrylic and ground pigment on paper

35cms x 26.5cms

Life in Lockdown 
Acrylic and ground pigment on paper

35cms x 26.5cms

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