Burnie Regional Art Gallery 2013
New Gallery, Launceston 2014
Rosny Barn, Hobart 2014

Extract from Dr. Jane Deeth’s catalogue essay

“Dreamlands brings together a cornucopia of luscious imagery by Katy Woodroffe in a survey of the artist’s evolution from complex beginnings in the north east town of Derby to personal responses to the many exotic places she has traversed in recent years.
Katy is an unabashed ‘new romantic’. Her beautifully layered works are reminiscent of cabinets of curiosity and at the same time act as metaphors for particular idiosyncratic and universal reflections on time, place and the human spirit. This alchemic artist conjures a vocabulary from mythologies that exist between diverse worlds, distilling connections with women and their stories, and extracting symbols and references embedded in the material evidence of poetry, patterning, utilitarian and iconic objects, and shards of memory.

Dreamlands is a heartfelt embrace of places and cultures as they are remembered, imagined and experienced. Katy makes work from a place, in that place, and of that place. By entering the charged and empty spaces of these richly palpable images, the artist invites us to join her in unspoken communion with all women who also dare to love and dream”.