Family Heirloom

Allport Library and Museum of Fine Art
November 30, 2018 – end of March, 2019

Family Heirloom uses fragments of stories from the artist’s family history to explore the complex legacy of early migrants arriving in Tasmania.

William and Sarah Lyne and their five children arrived in Hobart aboard the Hugh Crawford in 1826. They purchased land grants on the east coast where they eventually established themselves as farmers near Swansea.

Johannes Kalbfell sailed into Hobart from Germany aboard the Lewe Van Nyenstein in 1855.  After some time he set up his own business as a shoemaker at 220 Elizabeth Street.

Their respective descendants Louisa Lesley Iris Lyne and John (Jack) Kalbfell married in Hobart in 1931 and their shared family history in Derby is also examined. As the exhibition evolved, some surprising connections and events unfolded.